R&D Specialties

A. A. Parker creates new paradigms. Success in product development very often depends on a grasp of the factors that control the surface interactions between dissimilar materials. This philosophy has been paramount to A. A. Parker’s success.

  • Product Developmentpolymer applications, adhesives, composites, surface treatments, green chemistry
  • Product & Materials Researchsurface chemistry, materials science & analytical consulting
  • Intellectual Propertyinvention, creation & patent assistance
  • Process/Product Performance & Problem Solvingstatistically designed experimental methods, pilot trials, production scale-up
  • Management Consultingstrategic planning, marketing strategy, technical staffing, cost analysis
  • Short Courses (as taught at Pittcon) – Industrial Applications of Thermal Analysis and Technical Writing for Industrial Scientists and Managers
  • A. A. Parker’s Building Blocks – metals, glass, plastics, ceramics, paper, wood, metal oxides, organosilanes, bio-based materials, polyurethanes, epoxies, silanes, polysiloxanes, polyolefins, PVC, hot-melts, 2-component adhesive systems, single-component systems, UV curable monomers, silicones, acrylics, isocyanates, graft copolymers, PVA, PVAc, phosphonates, other large & small molecules, chiral molecules, PVB, EVA, PVC, titanium, phosphor bronze, brass, stainless steel
  • A. A. Parker’s Tools & Techniques – FTIR (surfaces, solids, liquids), NMR (solid state and solution), XPS, DMA, DSC, TGA, statistical DOE’s, refractive index (Becke method), contact angle goniometer, extruders, presses, viscometers, guitars, microphones, microscopes

A. A. Parker

We Need Love (reprise)
Title – We Need Love (reprise)
Artist – Tony Parker
From the Album We Need Love © 2009, Starlite MacPark (ASCAP)
Featuring the first recordings made with organosilane surface-treated titanium acoustic guitar strings (U.S. Patent 7,476,791)