A. A. Parker creates business opportunities by developing and licensing intellectual property.

Titanium Musical Instrument Strings (U.S. Patent 6,348,646)

Titanium strings represent one of the most unusual musical instrument product innovations in more than 100 years. By minimizing the galvanic couple between core and windings, this patented application of surface chemistry “cuts to the core” of the problem – it slows or eliminates corrosion and increases longevity by orders of magnitude when compared to conventional strings (developed in collaboration with Peter Rohrbacher). (https://www.martinguitar.com/strings/titanium-core)


Polyolefin Plastisol Adhesives (U.S. Patents 7,285,583 & 7,501,468)

Polyolefin plastisol adhesive technology – developed by A. A. Parker together with W. C. Stumphauzer. (http://www.hbfuller.com/liquamelt)


Bio-Based Adhesives & Binders for Wood Composites (U.S. Patents 8,916,668 & 8,519,031)

Bio-based materials are building blocks for a sustainable future.