A. A. Parker creates value by providing an economical and efficient alternative to conventional in-house R&D. A. A. Parker Consulting, LLC has been in the business of providing R&D services to a wide array of organizations since 2001.

Major Projects & Activities (2001 – present)
Bio-based adhesives & binders for wood composites
Polyolefin plastisols for hot-melt adhesives
Denture adhesives
Reactive extrusion & adhesives for the building industry
Guidewires – adhesives and processing
Mechanistic studies of adhesion for device implants
Topical skin adhesives
Moisture curing isocyanate adhesives for wood composites
Fluorinated PVA graft copolymers for surface treatments
Organosilane surface-treated pigments for cosmetics
Surface treated musical instrument strings
Silicones for medical devices
Titanium-core musical instrument strings
Consulting – polymer processing & formulation development
Consulting – analytical services & materials characterization
Consulting – surface treatments & adhesion
Self-assembled monolayers for lubricity
Expert witness
Safety glass interlayers
Ceramics formulating and processing
Metal rejuvenation & cleaners for marine applications
Short courses for technical & interpersonal development
Hollywood – science behind the silver screen
Surface treatments for nano-materials
Acoustics & vibration analysis