R&D Specialties

A. A. Parker creates new paradigms. Success in product development very often depends on a grasp of the factors that control the surface interactions between dissimilar materials. This philosophy has been paramount to A. A. Parker’s success.
  • Product Development – polymer applications, adhesives, composites, surface treatments, green chemistry
  • Product & Materials Research – surface chemistry, materials science & analytical consulting
  • Intellectual Property – invention, creation & patent assistance
  • Process/Product Performance & Problem Solving – statistically designed experimental methods, pilot trials, production scale-up
  • Management Consulting – strategic planning, marketing strategy, technical staffing, cost analysis
  • Short Courses (as taught at Pittcon) – Industrial Applications of Thermal Analysis and Technical Writing for Industrial Scientists and Managers
  • A. A. Parker’s Building Blocks – metals, glass, plastics, ceramics, paper, wood, metal oxides, organosilanes, bio-based materials, polyurethanes, epoxies, silanes, polysiloxanes, polyolefins, PVC, hot-melts, 2-component adhesive systems, single-component systems, UV curable monomers, silicones, acrylics, isocyanates, graft copolymers, PVA, PVAc, phosphonates, other large & small molecules, chiral molecules, PVB, EVA, PVC, titanium, phosphor bronze, brass, stainless steel
  • A. A. Parker’s Tools & Techniques – FTIR (surfaces, solids, liquids), NMR (solid state and solution), XPS, DMA, DSC, TGA, statistical DOE’s, refractive index (Becke method), contact angle goniometer, extruders, presses, viscometers, guitars, microphones, microscopes

Title – We Need Love (reprise)

Artist – Tony Parker
From the Album We Need Love
© 2009, Starlite MacPark (ASCAP)
Featuring the first recordings made with organosilane surface-treated titanium acoustic guitar strings (U.S. Patent 7,476,791)