A. A. Parker Consulting creates new paradigms with surface chemistry. Success in product development very often depends on a grasp of factors that control surface chemistry, surface interactions, and adhesion between dissimilar materials. This philosophy has been paramount to A. A. Parker’s success in new product development. Several examples of the types of projects undertaken by A. A. Parker Consulting are listed below, including contract R&D projects, consulting projects, and independently funded product development projects.  All of these projects have at least two things in common – knowing how to control surface chemistry, and most importantly, getting it right.

Major Projects & Activities (2001 – present)
 Medical devices for pain management
Bio-based adhesives & binders for wood composites
Polyolefin plastisols for hot-melt adhesives
Denture adhesives
Reactive extrusion & adhesives for the building industry
Guidewires – adhesives and processing
Mechanistic studies of adhesion for device implants
Topical skin adhesives, medical grade adhesives
Moisture curing isocyanate adhesives for wood composites
Fluorinated PVA graft copolymers for surface treatments
Organosilane surface-treated pigments for cosmetics
Surface treated musical instrument strings
Silicones for medical devices
Titanium-core musical instrument strings
Consulting – polymer processing & formulation development
Consulting – analytical services & materials characterization
Consulting – surface treatments & polymer adhesion
Consulting – silanes and adhesion, silane coupling agents, silane chemistry
Self-assembled monolayers for lubricity
Expert witness – cyanoacrylate chemistry
Safety glass interlayers, polymer to glass adhesion
Ceramics formulating and processing
Metal rejuvenation & cleaners for marine applications
Short courses for technical & interpersonal development
Hollywood – science behind the silver screen
Surface treatments for nano-materials
Acoustics & vibration analysis
Superhydrophobic coatings