A. A. Parker creates in Newtown, Pennsylvania – a 35 minute drive from Philadelphia.  Aside from its tradition of providing product development services, invention creation services, and mechanistic research services, A. A. Parker Consulting LLC also provides specialized analytical characterization services, with on-site capabilities including FTIR (e.g., surface ATR techniques for characterization of polymer surfaces, liquids, and other materials), contact angle goniometry, and refractive index measurements.  A. A. Parker Consulting also has longstanding relationships with university facilities to provide specialized characterization of materials, including thermal analysis capabilities (e.g., DSC, TGA, DMA, modulated DSC), surface analyses using ESCA (XPS), and multinuclear NMR techniques (carbon, proton, silicon, oxygen, phosphorous, solution-state, and solid-state techniques).  

Anthony A. Parker, Ph.D.

A. A. Parker, Ph.D.
Product Development Specialist

– Contract R&D
– Invention Creation
– Mechanistic Research
– Analytical Characterization Services


Professional Affiliates:

Polymer Synergies, LLC
Mantua, NJ

Starlite MacPark (ASCAP) – recordings with the first titanium strings

Team Audio – Audio Restoration

Audio/Video Forensic & Restoration Associates
– Materials Science & Characterization